Image Processing for Space & Earth Observations
Multisource & Multispectral Image Processing via Bayesian Inference


Fabien Salzenstein
Assistant Professor
Employer: Unistra (since Sep 2000)

Phone: +33 388 106 558
Fax: +33 388 106 548

23, rue du Loess - BP 20 CR
67037 Strasbourg Cedex 2 - France

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  • Who Am I?

    Educational Background

    • PhD Thesis, Image processing (Dec 1996)
      "Fuzzy Markov models and unsupervized statistical image segmentation"
      University of Rennes 1, advisor: W. Pieczynski
    • Engineer, ENST Bretagne (1993)

    Academic Positions

    • Assistant professor at UDS (University of Strasbourg) in Computer Science (since Oct 2000)
    • Part time assistant professor at L2TI, University of Paris 13 (1999-2000)
    • Research and teaching position at EISTI, Cergy Pontoise (1998-1999)
    • Postdoctoral fellow at ENST, Paris (1997-1998)

    Research Interests

    Keywords: Bayesian inference, Markov fields/trees, fuzzy Markov models, data fusion, time-frequency analysis

    Applications I am interested in

    • Astronomical image analysis
    • Data fusion

    Favorite Approaches & Methods

    • Bayesian inference, Markov fields and trees
    • Fuzzy Markov models
    • Time-frequency analysis

    Related Research Projects

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    Astronomy & Astrophysics

    DSIMOct 2014-Sep 2018
    Spectroscopic Decomposition in Multispectral Images
    Keywords: Inverse problems, Bayesian inference, MCMC algorithms, Sparse approximation, Joint decomposition of spectra, multispectral images

    Group participants: V. Mazet [P.I.], C. Collet, S. Faisan, M. Louys, F. Salzenstein
    CubeCombinaisonFusionJan 2009-Jan 2013
    Hyperspectral data fusion
    Keywords: optimal data fusion, spatial and spectral super-resolution, model-based, recursive update, Bayesian inference

    Group participants: C. Collet [P.I.], F. Salzenstein, V. Mazet
    CubeSourceSeparationJan 2009-Jan 2013
    Source separation in hyperspectral deep field observations
    Keywords: source separation, decomposition into elementary signals, astronomical data cube

    Group participants: C. Collet, V. Mazet, F. Salzenstein, M. Louys
    DeepSkyFusionDec 2005-Dec 2008
    Multisource data fusion and 2D super-resolution
    Keywords: data fusion, spatial and spectral super-resolution, model-based, recursive update, Bayesian inference

    Group participants: C. Collet, F. Salzenstein, M. Louys
    FuzzyMarkovSegmentJan 2002-Dec 2010
    Non-Stationary Fuzzy Markov Chain/Field Segmentation
    Keywords: Markov field, Markov chain, fuzzy models, fuzzy triplet Markov chain, non-stationary Markov chain

    Group participants: F. Salzenstein [P.I.], C. Collet

    Remote Sensing (Earth Observation)

    LowSNRSpatSpecDetectJun 2014-Jun 2015
    Spatio-spectral Gaussian random field modeling approach for target detection on hyperspectral data in very low SNR
    Keywords: remote sensing, gaussian fields, detection changes, temporal series, hyperspectral, multiband

    Group participants: C. Collet [P.I.], F. Salzenstein


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