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Multisource & Multispectral Image Processing via Bayesian Inference


Mireille Louys
Assistant Professor
Employer: Unistra (since Jan 1990)

Phone: +33 368 852 434

Office S4A
MIV ICUBE -Telecom Physique and CDS - Strasbourg
11, rue de l'UniversitÚ
67000 Strasbourg - France

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  • Who Am I?

    Academic Positions and Educational Background

    • Assistant professor at University of Strasbourg in Computer Science (since Jan 1990) CNU section 61
    • Postdoctoral fellow at Fritz Haber Institut fur Electron Microskopie, Max Planck Gesellschaft, Berlin (1989-1990)
      "Statistical image analysis of biological macromolecules "
    • PhD in Computer Science, image processing (1988)
      "Image processing for electronic microscopy applied to the structural study of biological macromolecules"
      Université de Strasbourg LSIIT et Laboratoire de Génétique et Biologie Moléculaire des Eucaryotes, Université Louis Pasteur (University of Strasbourg)

    Research Interests

    Keywords: noisy image analysis, image compression, multiresolution analysis, metadata modeling/standardization in astronomy

    Applications I am interested in

    • Vizualisation, Signal Detection and Analysis for astronomical images in 2D, 2D+lamda, 2D+t dimensions
    • Image compression, compressed sensing
    • Metadata modeling and standardization for the Virtual Observatory

    Approaches & Methods

    • Multiresolution analysis
    • Statistical models, Markov trees, Markov random fields, sparse data analysis and labeling
    Metadata modeling for astronomical data sets in the Virtual Observatory framework
    Keywords: metadata modeling, International Virtual Observatory Alliance, data models, vocabularies

    I've been involved in the project of the Virtual Observatory International Virtual Observatory Alliance for elaboration of standards in the description and distribution of astronomical data, observed or simulated. I was first contributing as a member of the Data Model working group then involved as vice-chair and chair (2007-2011). The goal of this working group has been the definition and discussion of models representing astronomical metadata in a standardized manner, that is the properties that an astronomer wants to know about the data he/she searches for, retrieves and analyses. Two of my last papers trace the context and the details of this collaborative work. (Louys, "Data modeling for the virtual observatory",2015, in Astronomy and Computing) and (Louys, "Data Models in the VO framework",ADASS Conference 2016, invited paper)
    I am also involved in the Semantics WG as chair person for the VO. Vocabularies are essential in observation science in order to characterize the data and the processes used to analyse them. These roles, at the interaction between the signal and astronomical communities, has proven to be effective in getting involved in European projects dealing with open distribution for science data (AIDA, Cosadie, Euro-VO, VO-ICE) and more recently, the ASTERICS ESFRI project as well as in some ANR projects (DAHLIA). Links with the astronomical users community and data specialists is essential for setting up and keeping alive an efficient collaboration framework
    I am also a member of the MADICS GDR and PREDON CNRS initiatives.

    Related Research Projects

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    Astronomy & Astrophysics

    DSIMOct 2014-Sep 2018
    Spectroscopic Decomposition in Multispectral Images
    Keywords: Inverse problems, Bayesian inference, MCMC algorithms, Sparse approximation, Joint decomposition of spectra, multispectral images

    Group participants: V. Mazet [P.I.], C. Collet, S. Faisan, M. Louys, F. Salzenstein
    AstroCubeLineSeg Apr 2014-
    Keywords: Line extraction, velocity maps, hyperspectral data cubes

    Group participants: M. Louys [P.I.], V. Mazet
    CubeExtractJan 2013-Jul 2013
    Cube Extraction
    Keywords: cube preview, hyperspectral, adaptive binning

    Group participants: M. Louys [P.I.], C. Collet
    CubeSourceSeparationJan 2009-Jan 2013
    Source separation in hyperspectral deep field observations
    Keywords: source separation, decomposition into elementary signals, astronomical data cube

    Group participants: C. Collet, V. Mazet, F. Salzenstein, M. Louys
    CubeVisualizationJan 2009-Jan 2013
    Development of a visualization tool enabling large IFU data cubes upload, navigation and interpretation
    Keywords: Visualization, massive data sets, hyperspectral data, IFU

    Group participants: M. Louys [P.I.], V. Mazet, C. Collet
    DeepSkyFusionDec 2005-Dec 2008
    Multisource data fusion and 2D super-resolution
    Keywords: data fusion, spatial and spectral super-resolution, model-based, recursive update, Bayesian inference

    Group participants: C. Collet, F. Salzenstein, M. Louys
    LSBGalaxyDetectFeb 2005-Dec 2008
    LSB galaxy detection using a Markov quadtree
    Keywords: detection, Markov quadtree, low surface brightness galaxies

    Group participants: C. Collet [P.I.], M. Louys
    MultiColorVizOct 2003-Jun 2006
    Color visualization of hyperspectral images
    Keywords: Multispectral, color display, HSV space, Fisher analysis, PCA, Markovian segmentation

    Group participants: C. Collet, M. Louys
    HyperGalaxyClassOct 2003-Nov 2006
    Hyperspectral data cube analysis for galaxy classification
    Keywords: hyperspectral, galaxy classification, meanshift, projection, segmentation, reduction

    Group participants: C. Collet [P.I.], M. Louys
    Astro MetadataJan 2003-
    Metadata modeling for astronomical observations and simulations
    Keywords: metadata representtaion for astronomy, metadata modeling, virtual observatory, observation data characterisation data

    Group participant: M. Louys
    MissingMultiSegmentAOct 2001-Jun 2003
    Noise modeling, outliers and missing data management for segmentation tasks with multiwavelength images
    Keywords: outliers, missing data, quadtree, unsupervised segmentation

    Group participants: C. Collet [P.I.], M. Louys
    QTreeMultiSegmentOct 1999-Jun 2004
    Multiresolution Markov Modeling for Multichannel Segmentation
    Keywords: Unsupervised segmentation, Markovian quadtree, Generalized Gaussian model, multispectral data

    Group participants: C. Collet [P.I.], M. Louys

    Related Software Projects

    QuickVizJan 2009 - Jan 2013maintained
    Hyperspectral data visualization
    Keywords: visualization, IFU, hyperspectral, aladin, datacubes

    Group participant: M. Louys [P.I.]
    A¤DAMay 2003 - Dec 2008unmaintained
    Astronomical Image processing Distribution Architecture
    Keywords: multiwavelength analysis, reduction, denoising, segmentation, fusion, classification, visualization

    Group participants: C. Collet [P.I.], M. Louys
    MARSIAAMay 2001 - May 2004unmaintained
    MARkovian Statistical Image Analysis for Astronomy
    Keywords: Markov chain, Markov tree, multiband segmentation

    Group participants: C. Collet [P.I.], M. Louys


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